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Child Therapy


EMDR for Kids is dedicated to empowering therapists, parents, and children of all ages with resources, tools, and training. Our mission is to help children overcome adversity and trauma through the use of EMDR therapy. Whether you're a therapist seeking to enhance EMDR therapy in your work with children, a parent looking for resources to aid your child, or a child in need of support, we have the resources for you!


Meet the Founder of EMDR For Kids 

Christine Mark-Griffin, Child Therapist, EMDR Therapist, Author

Christine Mark-Griffin

Founder, EMDR Consultant & Author

Christine is a licensed clinical social worker, EMDR consultant and EMDRIA advanced trainer. After completing basic EMDR training, Christine went searching for resources and ideas to implement EMDR with children. Finding minimal resources and tools at the time, she set out to create her own! Christine is passionate about making EMDR resources accessible and user friendly for children of all ages. She is the author of EMDR Workbook for Kids and is the lead trainer at EMDR for Kids. She provides EMDR consultation and a variety of advanced EMDR training for mental health professionals to enhance and develop their skills in implementing EMDR treatment with children.

Help kids get unstuck from scary and traumatic thoughts, memories, and emotions.

When Christine Mark-Griffin began working with young kids, she quickly realized that traditional therapy was often not enough to fully unravel the trauma and pain that these little ones were carrying. Inspired by her clients’ creativity and imagination, she set out to create a resource specifically designed for use with young clients. What started off as a few kid-friendly EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) worksheets has now evolved into an entire collection.

Filled with colorful visuals, worksheets, and activities, the EMDR Workbook for Kids will allow you to playfully integrate EMDR therapy into your practice with elementary-aged children. Grounded in the core components of EMDR, the tools in this workbook can address a variety of common childhood concerns, including:

  • Anxiety, worry, sadness, and anger

  • Parental divorce, separation, and conflict

  • Bullying

  • Medical problems

  • Grief and loss

  • Nightmares and sleeping problems

  • And much more!


We love partnering with schools, therapy practices, training programs, agencies & organizations to provide discounts on bulk orders of the EMDR Workbook for Kids!

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